Half Moon Pottery & Ceramics is a
family-owned-and-operated business by
wife and husband Dana and Greg Ammer.

Greg Ammer

Dana Ammer

"I started taking pottery classes around 2004 at Southern Pottery (owned by Peter Lenzo) on Rosewood Drive in Columbia, SC. It wasn't something that I thought about doing, but it all came about because of a flyer that my brother brought over to the house. To make a long story short, I took classes under Peter for a couple of years (!!!) and actually got my very talented husband interested in it." Dana Ammer


Our creations have won ribbons in the SC State Fair and made it into juried competitions like the SC State Fair Fine Arts section throughout the years. They have also been sold to customers in many US states all the way to California, and abroad, including Canada and even South America.

Artwork (logo) credit: Walt Lardner.

UI design: Jefferson Maia