Half Moon Pottery
& Ceramics 

Local pottery and ceramics
at their finest

We are a family-operated business based in West Columbia, SC. We have a full working pottery studio, which includes an extruder, a 30'' slab roller, kilns, and 3 pottery wheels. We also have a pick-and-paint ceramics studio featuring a variety of bisque pieces poured directly from our collection of 7000+ vintage ceramic molds.

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"I searched high and low for a ceramic shop in my city, but there isn't one. Half Moon Pottery & Ceramics is 1.5 hours from my house, and worth the time there and back. The selection of ready-to-paint bisque is phenomenal! The owners possess a wealth of knowledge for all things ceramics. They so freely share so many tips and techniques, it's like drinking water from a hose! Very nice bunch who I highly recommend." 

Chuck DeBono 

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