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The following items are currently for sale at our facilities:

FACE JUGS are sometimes called "ugly jugs," and range in size from 1" (mini jugs) to 15" tall. They were first made in the early 1800s by slave potters and others in South Carolina, which has been the country's most prolific region for face vessels. Moonshine was traditionally stored in face jugs to differentiate them from other jugs, and children would be told the "boogie man would get them" if they touched the exotic items. To make features that mimic human eyeballs and teeth, kaolin clay is combined with dark stoneware clay, in addition to bits of porcelain and white rocks. 


"We have made hundreds of custom face jugs. Most are thrown jugs, but some are hand-built. We have even turned some face jugs into 'fright lights.' They make awesome lamps! Creating face jugs is my true love (besides Greg), but we also specialize in many other forms of pottery and ceramics." Dana Ammer